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No-snooze alarm clock

Snooze buttons are the enemy. In fact, they largely defeat the purpose of the alarm clock. This is particularly true for those of us that need help to actually get out of bed and stay there rather than just be alerted to the arrival of a certain hour.

This is a great example of customers getting what they think they want. Old-style alarms didn’t have it, though I’m not sure when it became common. But the feature they desire actually runs counter to the reasons for the alarm clock in the first place. Producers then do precisely what the market wants, which is one of the tenets of capitalism. But in this new economy of global markets and the ability to reach many more potential customers than before, catering to specific desires — like wanting an alarm clock without a snooze button — should be far more viable.

Then again, searching for a product without a common feature is still a bit of a pain. Future blog post material, even.


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