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“Why are you filming?”

When I was a kid during the last decade or so of the Cold War, I remember that one of the reasons we were told that the Evil Empire was, well, evil was their total lack of civil rights. The popular phrase used to describe this was “papers please” and suspicion of anyone taking pictures of landmarks for being a Western spy. (Because clearly, covert reconnaissance would be done by somebody in broad daylight with a big camera acting in an obvious and open manner.)

But then the West won the Cold War in a victory for the strength of open societies.


(For the record, public photography is not generally illegal in the US, either, though you might need a real lawyer’s help sometimes. I’m not one.)

Via BoingBoing


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2 thoughts on ““Why are you filming?”

  1. Stoops417 on said:

    Interesting topic, i muchly enjoyed the linked video. There is a similar issue here in Springfield, MO where a private skate video was shot at the local public skate park. The video was to some offensive and distastefull and has resulted ultimately in the city choosing not to renew the skate parks lease on the city’s land. Currently its still a legal battle but we all know that the little guy always looses.

  2. Kyle Maxwell on said:

    But did the police try to stop the shooter from getting the footage?

    Got link? 😉

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