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Long Day

Bit of a long day today. It took about half an hour to go under a mile on Interstate 635 today due to an accident, so I got to work considerably later than planned. I still was on track to finish my remaining tasks and get out early…

…But then we got a call to go out in litigation support. Now, normally I don’t discuss specifics of cases here, and that’s not changing here. Except for the fact that there was a US Marshal involved in enforcing a court order. It was really not a big deal, but I mentioned it to my dad and the next thing I know, he’s sending me text messages to call him as soon as I’m able.

“Are you safe? Aren’t there people shooting?”

It wasn’t that sort of an operation, as I mentioned. Just enforcement of a court order, really. But I suppose, like my actual job, it sounds a lot sexier than it is.

While there, Niky calls me; evidently she had gone to the grocery store and the car wouldn’t start when she was trying to leave. My brother that lives in the same town as us is a mechanic and was already home from work, so he was able to come out and diagnose the problem (a battery that was now dead for good) and correct it by replacing it, as it was no longer a case of just recharging it.

So I’m sort of glad this one’s over.

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