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Planning for another DSO season

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra called tonight; we were subscribers last year and they of course would like us to be so again this year. I really want to subscribe, maybe even with a real season ticket package rather than the “Create Your Own” we did last year. Four concerts over the course of a season doesn’t feel like enough, after all.

The new conductor, Jaap van Sweden, really astounded my father and me when we saw him during the Beethoven Festival last year. The performance of the Fifth Symphony single-handedly convinced me that I needed to make the symphony part of my life again.

So I think we’re going to do this again. One of the packages, Encore, includes van Sweden’s debut weekend as full-time conductor (rather than visiting, as he did last year) and the New World Symphony. However, other concerts I really want to hear aren’t in that package (like Pictures at an Exhibition), and I need to make sure to work in some contemporary works. Niky seems to like them a little more, for some reason I can’t fathom.

But since they’re offering us something like 40% off the box office price (probably not as good a deal as it sounds), we’ll almost certainly pick something this weekend.


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