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Electrocuting a boy with a broken back

Imagine calling the authorities because your child is missing, only to find out that not only did he fall off a highway overpass, the police applied a Taser to him nearly 20 times instead of rendering aid.

The Ozark cops used a Taser 19 times on a boy with a broken back who’d fallen off an overpass.

19 times.

Broken back.

“He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him… It’s a big concern for the officers to keep this guy out of traffic, to keep him from getting hurt.”

I know that overpass. I’ve driven it countless times, visiting family who live there.

Something smells bad here. I wonder what it could be… maybe stunning a kid who’d just fallen (or jumped) 30 feet? Think about the usual height signs for truckers on the overpasses where you live; 30 feet is really high. So they electrocuted this kid 19 times so that he wouldn’t hurt himself because he was incoherent and not moving when they told him to do so. The injuries from his fall would have prevented anyone from doing that.

If the Missouri AG isn’t looking into the police conduct here, maybe the US DoJ will. This isn’t political and it’s not partisan. But it sure isn’t protecting and serving.

It’s a crime.



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One thought on “Electrocuting a boy with a broken back

  1. Preliminary reports are not always the most accurate…

    The local PD didn’t actually taze the boy 19 times. (Several Tazer probes actually missed the boy, so they reloaded and fired again.) In actuality he was only actually tazed a few times. And while this situation does seem rather odd, you have to take into account that the officers would have been held accountable and been in alot more trouble if the boy had managed to stumble into traffic.

    Time and again Tazers have been proven to cause no lasting harm and be a usefull tool in law enforcement. The claims by the boys family that there was actual harm caused by the police are a completely unfounded, shameless attempt to suck money out of the local authorities.

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