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Car Selection

We’re looking to replace both of our cars (2005 Honda Accord and 2005 Acura TSX) over the next 8 months or so. The Accord goes back from lease first, very very soon (e.g. this month, I think).

I want to replace it with a new daily driver for me. Keys include hatchback / wagon design, input connector for my music player, four doors (so it can be a backup family car), comfortable interior, somewhat sporty exterior, and good gas mileage.

The contenders so far have been:

  • Honda Fit: meets just about everything, but the windows are tall and the wheels are small, so it looks more Scion-ish.
  • Mazda 3-series: very very sporty but the gas mileage is not great and the price comes in higher than the others.
  • Volkswagen Rabbit: winner so far.  Plus nostalgic value; my dad’s 1978 Rabbit was my favorite car of any he ever had.

At this point, the Rabbit has almost won, but until I actually write a check and sign a contract, nothing’s certain except that I still need a new car.


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