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Real-time fiction

I’m laying in bed thinking about all sorts of things. That period just before sleep always provides great opportunities for guiltless free association. The melding of many topics led me to think about the possibilities of real-time fiction.

We’ve already seen things like the Fake Steve Jobs and lonelygirl15. What about real-time fiction using microblogging or even life-streaming? That is, using Twitter, maybe a blog or even a vlog, perhaps a social network like Facebook, all for a fictional character to tell a story.

One of the keys to good, interesting storytelling is immersion. When you’re reading a book or watching a movie and completely forget who and where you are, that sort of compelled immersion creates something new, and the essence of that ephemera binds itself to you in ways that potentially change you, the observer, as you interact with and integrate the text.

So if we then embed that story in the “real world” using the tools and media that permeate our lives, what sorts of stories can move us? What structures do we need to build into the narratives so that we move from that self-contained work to something much more natural and connected?


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