Kyle Maxwell

Just me.

25 Random things about me

1. I have a degree in math (statistics). It was supposed to be applied math instead of stats, but I wanted to avoid topology. Now I actually enjoy topology.

2. I love “nerdcore hiphop”. MC Chris and MC Lars rule me.

3. At one point in time, I really thought I wanted to be a sportswriter. Then I grew up.

4. Pretty sure that I have read every bit of science fiction Arthur C. Clarke ever wrote.

5. My first words to both of my children were, “{NAME}, I am your father!” The OR nurses gave me odd looks.

6. One of my college professors went on to join the Mexican president’s cabinet.

7. In fourth grade, my dad had to give me $10 when I proved to him that I could find a mistake in my social studies textbook (something about tundra, that’s all I really remember).

8. For years, until I was like in my mid-20s, I thought Bon Jovi was singing, “you give love b-badly”.

9. When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be an astronaut, I wanted to work in Mission Control. They looked cooler.

10. My first business trip was to Mexico City. Had a blast.

11. I have a beautiful singing voice unappreciated by the masses. And everyone else who’s ever heard it.

12. One side of my family is descended from the Hatfields. Yeah, those Hatfields.

13. I’ve never touched tobacco in my entire life.

14. People who think, “if you don’t support my party, you must support the other one” frustrate me.

15. My kids’ favorite lullaby as babies was “Yellow Submarine”. Or was it my favorite lullaby to sing to them? Who can tell?

16. Mom and Dad didn’t let us wear camouflage clothing when we were little because it looked military. I still hate it when my kids wear it, but I can’t really articulate a good reason for it.

17. Unix > Windows.

18. I listened to 1310 The Ticket (Dallas sports station) on Day 1 and was a P1 for years, then drifted away and now listen almost exclusively to NPR.

19. As a child, my favorite lunch was a peanut butter & grape (sometimes strawberry) sandwich on wheat bread, nacho cheese-flavored Doritos, Dr Pepper, and chocolate chip cookies.

20. One of my high school nicknames was “Teen Wolf”. “Catfish” was another.

21. I taught myself Spanish and now speak it fluently. I did pick up some of my wife’s accent from Monterrey, however, and have occasionally been mistaken as a native by other people actually from that city.

22. Axl Rose has the greatest rock singing voice of the last quarter century, IMNSHO.

23. TOTALLY not an animal person.

24. If I could quit and start a new career without having to worry about providing for my wife and children, I’d go back and do a Ph.D. The qualifier I just added makes that really, really unlikely, though. 😦

25. I tear off the edges of my fingernails when I’m momentarily bored or just need to do something with my hands. And I always need to do something with my hands.


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