Kyle Maxwell

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Getting going with writing

I really must force myself to dedicate time and attention to writing. “Thinking about writing” doesn’t actually get things done. But the time has to come from //somewhere//.

Until now, I’ve also struggled with the mindset. The sort of fiction I want to write has dark, complex, nuanced themes, but doing this while small children brighten my life has proved challenging. But the real challenge here might lie more in preventing interruptions.

So I need to set up an environment lending itself to focus and concentration. That might mean someplace outside the house: a quiet coffee shop or restaurant, for example.

Ideally, I would do this in the morning, but realistically this won’t happen (at least not consistently). Lunch could work as well: will my current laptop do that, or should I get a netbook? Will the small keyboard present less inconvenience than carrying the weight and bulk of a widescreen notebook computer?

Either way, I really have to start at least trying things. Even if they don’t work exactly, they’ll provide additional insights to help me figure out what //will//.


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