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She gets to like science too!

I never really paid much attention to gender education issues when I was younger. I am a middle-class white American male who did well in a more-or-less traditional educational environment: public school, test-driven, math and language centric, lots of memorization and analysis. Other than going to a science magnet school and no racial segregation, most of my education followed the same pattern as that of, say, the 1950s. Mostly, at any rate.

Then I had a daughter, and everything changed.

So today she starts in a new school in a new suburb. The teacher seems really sweet, the kids are friendly, everything looks great. This week they’re learning about the letter “D”, so the teacher assigns them things to bring on Friday that start with that letter. So far, so good…

…except that it’s “girls bring dolls and boys bring dinosaurs.

What century do these people live in?

So girls stay home with the kids while boys get to go out in the world and do science? She can’t like dinosaurs? (For the record, dolls bore my girl to tears. She’d rather play with spaceships or work on her accent imitations.)

I told her to ask the teacher if she could bring a dinosaur instead. If she says no, I’ll go have a calm, friendly word with her. Discrimination? Don’t we have federal laws about this stuff?

When the revolution comes, the boards of education will be the first against the wall.

And if I hear anything like, “good girls must learn to cook and sew because math is hard,” I’m going to blow something up.



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