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Cutting down on the snark

On Friday, I made it through the entire day snark-free. That presented a lot of challenges, since I normally engage in a lot of good-natured ribbing with guys at work. Sometimes I feel like I over-escalate through the day, to the point where I feel like I become disrespectful and unkind. I wanted to make significant efforts to treat other people the way I teach my children to do.

Current events make this highly challenging. So many people have gotten misleading information on the Fukushima nuclear disaster and overreacting inappropriately, largely fueled by the media’s self-serving actions that work against anything resembling the public interest. And then we see the start of a new war in Libya, which will undoubtedly lead in the next few weeks to the sort of jingoism that sets my hair on fire.

Humanity frequently uses humor as a defense mechanism in the face of incredible tragedy or traumatic stress. But that shouldn’t mean taking it out on other people. Now to see how well I can handle matters this week…


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