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New Facebook layout

I really like the new, cleaner Facebook layout. The older layout causes a great deal more confusion and management difficulty. Emphasizing the activity feeds really moves it closer to solving the difficult problem of centralizing my web activities; FriendFeed accomplishes some of this but feels far less polished. Finding various tools seems easier because of this redesign, though occasionally it still hangs up on me. As it opens up more, though, it’s poised to really take over the world, I think. At least mine, anyway.

(More at Ars Technica.)

UPDATE: Is it just me, or does the new design not really work properly in Firefox?


Firefox Add-ons

This is largely for my own reference but might be useful to others. I generally install these on any Firefox install that I’ll be using for a significant length of time.


Flock is a “social browser” based on the Firefox 3 code base with additional support for Web 2.0 baked into it. That is, it has sidebars for social networking sites, detects media streams, comes with support for blogging (this post is being done from inside the Flock tool), and more.

It does the job pretty well, but it feels overly heavy. The UI is really busy and sometimes arcane. I’m not sure what it gains me other than avoiding installing some Firefox add-ons that I’ve already grown to know and love.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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