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Geeks don’t all like the same stuff


We're not all alike. That's cool.



Geeks don’t all like the same stuff. Really.

What sets us apart isn’t necessarily a particular┬áset of identical interests down to the last detail, because we don’t have that. Some of my friends look at me funny when I state that I’m not really big into superheroes. Sure, I liked Superman and Batman when I was a kid, but I didn’t delve into comic book culture. Others did, and that’s their bag, not mine.

On the flip side, I became a Unix guy many, many years ago. I adopted the credo of “small pieces, loosely joined” and joined the call of the Free Software Foundation with a full-throated voice. Other geeks are still Microsoft aficionados, though some at least have compromised with Macs. We don’t have to like the same things. (Though I do wish Richard Stallman would shower a little more frequently.)

So just because somebody proudly displays a label, you shouldn’t assume she’s just like everybody else who wears the label. Those labels are pretty broad, after all.

(Yes, this post is just a venting due to specific conversations I’ve had back here in meatspace.)


Netbook running Linux

I really want to get a netbook (think very, very, very small laptop). And for various reasons, it’s important to me that it run Linux. Right now, I’m looking at the Asus Eee PC 900 as it costs under $450, has 1GB of RAM, runs Linux (Xandros, though I’m curious how easy it is to run other distros on it), and uses a 20GB solid-state disk. This makes the IO really fast, though speed will never be a major consideration for this sort of device.

But any other suggestions are welcome. I don’t expect to actually buy anything for a couple of weeks, unless I just see something that I can’t miss.

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