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Memory apartment

'Memories Side Street' by shinyai

I’ve started trying to use the concept of memory palaces. However, I’ve never done anything like this before – bit of a newb, really. While I have a pretty good head for numbers and useless trivia, generally I resort to mnemonics of one sort or another the memorize lists and whatnot.

So I decided I wanted to remember things that I need to do first, as that tends to cause me problems. An apartment where we lived several years ago had an entry way where you immediately turned left, saw an open kitchen, then cut back to the right to see a den and a living room. I liked that apartment, so it made a perfect test “palace”.

To remember the tasks I needed to carry out, I visualized the entry way completely covered in flowers (send a sympathy bouquet). Turning left, President Bill Clinton greets me (payments due) and I see a cow in the kitchen (need milk for office). Turning back to the right, I see a large black monolith with a two-headed alien phase shifted in it (testing dual graphics cards in a new workstation). An old dot matrix printer sits in the living room (finish a report for the CSO) and He-Man stands nearby with a blue torso like a Pict (call Master Paint & Body).

You get the picture, literally.

Have any of my friends out there used this sort of technique before?


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