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Staying mobile

Lifehack says:

[W]eb apps can make you truly mobile. It will no longer matter if you forget to bring your flash drive with you.

Understanding this is key to understanding cloud computing and where the mobile web is taking us now. That is to say that with the continued expansion of wireless networking (both 3G cellular networks and wifi everywhere), you really don’t need too much in the way of portable storage. Sure, you might want to carry around some larger files with you on a flash drive or iPod, but storage out on the web is so cheap that there’s no need to carry much around with you. Dreamhost, my web host, offers half a terabyte of online storage to new users. That’s not even counting Files Forever. In fact, I’d say a useful hosting service is just as key as many of the other (highly useful) apps they list, particularly if you are a UNIX head. It’s almost as important as a good wireless phone and unlimited data plan.

Of course, Lifehack misses the biggest of them all: Google. Yes, they list Google Documents (and Google Talk in a very quick and passing mention), but what about Notebook? Also, Checkout looks like it could be useful in some circumstances, though maybe not for web freelancers. The list of Google services I use grows weekly, and the novel uses people find for their services grows far more quickly.


Mobile Google

Google totally gets the Mobile Web.

After my recent Toolbox post, I was looking into freshening things up a little bit. I started digging around a bit with Google Documents and email uploading. It wasn’t entirely reliable, but since I use Gmail anyway, I can always open any attachments I tried to send directly into Google Docs.

That led to me discovering Google Docs Mobile, which was really welcome. But they didn’t stop there, no. Google Notebook also has a mobile version where users can post notes and review existing notebooks. Between those two, almost all of Backpack is easily replaced for me, so I downgraded that last night. The home page (for tracking next actions) and reminders are still handy; Google Calendar isn’t really a reminder service.

So let’s review what they’ve got so far:

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