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Caffeine usage edging back up

Against my doctor’s wishes and my own better judgment, my caffeine usage is edging back up. It started before this job, but commuting earlier in the morning has had an effect on me. So where I was down to one or two cups a day, now I’m regularly drinking three or four. While this is still a lot lower than before, it’s more than I should be drinking. Caffeine has a significant impact on stress levels and such, but fundamentally I just like to drink it. The afternoon pickmeup is also really helpful and sometimes even semi-necessary.

So now I need to come up with some strategies to deal with this. Thoughts are appreciated.

This post written on my mobile in Starbucks.


New Morning Routine

For years, my morning routine was one I’d more or less inherited. Get up, shower / shave / etc., have a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee while reading the news, then head to work. As broadband Internet access became available, I started to spend that time online, but it was mostly a question of the medium.

Over time, this became slightly problematic. I’d do the shower after breakfast and sort of extend the reading / surfing period. This was combined with going to sleep later and generally caused my mornings to be a lot more rushed and stressful than was really healthy and productive.

My new, preferred method is to eat breakfast after the commute but before I actually reach the office. I’ll pop into a nearby Starbucks for coffee and some sort of baked good with my copy of The Economist and my smartphone to hang out for a bit before rolling into the office. This has the advantage of acting as a natural brake on the amount of time I spend on that period, but it also gets me across town before traffic gets really bad (7am is my intended departure time). Less time in traffic means less stress and less wasted gasoline.

After a couple of weeks — I started this routine while the family was on vacation — this is accomplishing my goals and I’m feeling a lot better about my day as it gets started.

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